Finally getting some real days off of school

For the first time this year, we are getting a few days off from school. This thursday and friday are grading and planning days, so we won’t have school then. It’s a good chance for me to catch up on some schoolwork, and actual work too. I didn’t get to finish my hours this weekend because we literally spent four hours at Todd and Mary’s, so we didn’t get home until super late. I had to study as soon as I got home, because I took my Economics midterm earlier today during second period. It still kinda sucks that I won’t be alone though. My new 2DS should arrive today, so that’s super exciting. The break should have happened last week, because then I would have been alone for all of Friday and I could have done more stuff. My buddy in Vegas didn’t have any school last week, so he got to go with his dad to work every day.

Overall, he learned a lot about las vegas liquor licenses which is a great field to be in. Plus then I probably would have had more time to do all of the work for my teammates. The project is due during my next period, but it should be perfect. I slaved away for hours on it, after all. Everything’s a choice. Seniors have school on wednesday, but I’m not sure whether or not I actually need to go. I’m waiting for 5th period so I can ask my teacher about it. Freshmen have to do this “psychology of the brain” or something like that. I wasn’t here for freshman or sophomore year, so I haven’t experienced any of these projects that they’re doing.

I think sophomores and juniors are taking the PSAT, which is the practice SAT. The SAT is a college placement exam that is mandatory unless you take the ACT, which I did. They’re only slightly different, just for different subjects I think. Finally, seniors have this workshop thing where there’s three 25-minute rotations. It’s just a bunch of college stuff that we’ve all already heard before. Juniors actually have it the worst, because there’s a ton of testing they have to do. Smarter balance testing is up next, I’m pretty sure

Favorite class last year

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll tell you the answer to the riddle. I’m a high schooler. What a twist, who could have guessed? Anyways, I’ve been thinking about my junior year since I’m going back to Oregon in less than a month (sadly) and it’s going to suck. Actually, it might, it might not. I just can’t decide where I want to go for college because none of the schools sound that different to me. Maybe I just haven’t looked deeply enough into the specifics of each school. In any event, reflecting on the last school year made me think about which classes I liked the most. The class that I enjoyed the most, by far, was my Psychology B class.

Psychology A was kinda interesting and stuff, but all the content we learned was just plain boring. Nothing really held my attention, except for the clock. It was the last class of the day during my first trimester. Psych B, however, was chock-full of seniors who couldn’t care less about the class. They just needed the credit before they graduated in three months. It probably helped that I knew most of the seniors in that class, and they were all super cool. I had known most of them for the entire year, and they were way more welcoming than my own classmates who I’ve known since elementary school but can’t seem to remember me. We did a bunch of fun projects and got to watch movies, and our teacher was pretty laid back. She really liked me, so that helped. I even got to do a guided meditation with my class where I had to hypnotize them with my words to help them relax.

Good thing I have a seductive voice. The seniors last year got to leave two weeks early, because there were so many snows days and they couldn’t postpone graduation. So after all the seniors left, there were only three juniors in the class, including myself. At that point, my teacher would just leave to go get groceries or do some tasks that she wouldn’t normally be allowed to do during her job. If she was smart, she would have gone to get a Miami Restaurant Hood Cleaning. She was selling her house so she had to make a lot of phones calls. That meant we could do whatever we wanted, so we usually just ended up leaving the classroom. It was my second to last class of the day, but if I didn’t have microbiology then I could have just left and gone home.

My weekend’s finale

I had no idea I was gonna turn this into a quadrilogy, which is probably what Ridley Scott said about the Alien franchise. There’s a fifth movie out now though, so I’ll take up the four-story franchise for him. After Steph’s family finished shouting and accusing each other of cheating in Monopoly on a PlayStation 4, it was finally our turn to use the PS4. I signed into my profile on her account and downloaded my save data for all our mutual games from the cloud, which sounds pretty complex but isn’t really that difficult. The one game we pretty much exclusively play these days is called The Binding of Isaac, which is a roguelike game. If I had to describe it by using an older game as comparison, the closest one would be the original Legend of Zelda games before they made the transition to 3D.

reno chiropractor

However, this game features procedurally generated dungeons, so the levels will be different each time you play them (to a certain degree).  The game itself is extremely difficult, and will destroy you in seconds if you don’t know what you’re doing. Although Steph is the reason I got the game, I actually accomplished way more than her and I did it a lot faster. By beating a final boss with each different character in the game, (there’s around 10) you unlock different items that could potentially spawn in a future playthrough. But since I completed more than Steph, she always loves to watch me play and use all these new items that she’s never seen before. There’s actually also co-op in the game where you can share a screen and the second player spawns as  “co-op baby”, and they do half your damage but they consume your character’s health to spawn.


The game stresses me out so much that sometimes I feel like I’ll need a Chiropractor in Reno. All in all, we always play it when we’re together at each other’s houses so we played it for 3 hours yesterday while I was at her house. Because of the positioning of her TV, I laid on my stomach next to Steph which my dad says is strictly against the rules because you’re never supposed to be close to a girl even when her whole family is in the next room and the door is wide open. They can see any movement we make, and we’re just playing games.  We still had fun anyways, and her entire family loves me except for her stepdad. Her mom actually invited me to come over again in the future

House Cleaning for the Holidays

Here comes Christmas!  So happy too.  This year our son is coming to visit with his girlfriend.  This is going to be interesting because they’ve been together over a year and it’s not her first visit.  She’s an awesome young woman from Central Oregon and she not only is beautiful, but she also seems to have her head on straight.

So, as we prepare for their visit, we’re doing a little bit of typical house maintenance.  This includes touching up some paint, cleaning the garage, carpet cleaning, window washing, etc.

Hopefully we’ll get it all wrapped up by the 16th.  That’s when Colt & Em arrive.

What do you have to do to get ready for Christmas?